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If you love traveling, if you are in for new adventures and you like diving, you have to visit Mozambique!

This website is for the people that would like to know more about what Mozambique has to offer. Mozambique is a beautiful quiet, rustic land to visit. We want to help you with finding accommodation, safe routes and providing practical tips. We, Sander and Kim are the owners of Kurhula Wildlife Lodge near the Kruger Park (the largest nature reserve of South Africa and host to the big five). We love to dive and dived in Belgium, Egypt, Galapagos Ilands, Germany,Honduras, Maldives, Malta, Mozambique, The Netherlands, Soedan, South Africa and Zanzibar. With more than 10 years of experience, both dive masters and our love for nature, we believe we can offer you the trip of a life time.
Mozambiques long Indian Ocean coastline offers a great variety of diving and snorkling destinations. Even if you are not a diver, Mozambique is an amazing country to visit. While the divers are enjoying the depths of the deep blue sea the non-divers can enjoy the beach, snorkel or join other activities. So get your (dive) buddies together and contact us!

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